Just who will become the new stig?

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Ben Collins has quit Top Gear (as we all know so well) and is now working on Fifth Gear. Something about him doing this has really killed the "magic of the stig" for me. 

He complained how he could never speak and know-one knew who is was.

Well, in my eyes, he had one of the coolest jobs and even bragging rights (to trustworthy people). Something he obviously grew tired of.

Who will be the new Stig of Top Gear?

James May has already spoken of a new stig on the way. This coupled with Jeremy Clarson's new advertisement (in the Sun newspaper) looking for a new stig, clearly tells us the stig will live on!

Excerpt from Clarkson's funny newspaper ad:
"The successful applicant need not speak English, or indeed any language at all, but he or she must hate Boy Scouts, be able to punch a horse to the ground, have eyes that blink sideways and, most important of all, understand that no one, under any circumstances, should ever rat on their friends."

who is the new stig 1
Recently bookmakers have been speculating the new identity of the stig.

Some say...a female driver will take up the new position as the stig.

There has be talk of Vicki Butler Henderson taking over as "The Stig". A pipe dream it may be but there is no question that she has excellent skills as a driver and as a Top Gear rival, someone the public may never suspect.

Vicki Bulter Henderson the new Stig!
who is the new stig 1

Stay tuned folks! Soon we will have the real identity of the new stig. Who is the new stig?
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Top Gears "The Stig" identity is a closely guarded secret. Once the word gets out who the stig really is, he will be immediately replaced. So enjoy it while you can folks, before a new stig is put in his place!
Edit: Since Ben Collins outed himself as the stig from Top Gear, the focus is now on the question; "who is the new stig?". We are now once more asking the question,

Who is the Stig?!